Finally a premium pool deck surfacing that is soft, beautiful, durable
and won’t show cracks

Rubber Decking in Las Vegas, Nevada

Pool Surface Coatings - AquaFlex® product is a premium, designer pool deck surface coating which provides a multitude of benefits. Not only does it have distinguishing aesthetics, it’s also a resilient, long-lasting, easily maintainable, repairable, UV stable, chlorine resistant product. Another remarkable feature of AquaFlex® is its ability to dramatically reduce slip and falls by allowing water to permeate through the surface, helping to evacuate water off the surface. This allows for better traction while providing a slip-resistant, soft and impact absorbing surface.

Pool Surface Coatings - AquaFlex® surfacing is a soft, thermoplastic aliphatic urethane based product that has unique flexibility, allowing it to expand and contract along with the sub-surface. With AquaFlex’s® long useful life, it provides the ultimate ROI in comparison to other, more rigid and crack prone decking systems. . In addition, unlike other rubberized products, the AquaFlex® product does not lose is spherical structure when exposed to extreme heat, nor does it give off any offensive rubber smell.

AquaFlex® is available in many colors which can be mixed with one another to create a limitless array of color blends. Users and designers are afforded the ability to create colors, patterns, designs and logos which can give your pool deck distinguishing features.

Approved by SNHD, as well as Health Districts nationwide, and engineered to meet the strict standards of the ASTM and the CPSC, you can be assured of the safe use of AquaFlex® for your guests.

Pool Surface Coatings - AquaFlex® surfacing combines the benefits of design, technology and safety into a revolutionary, high-performance breakthrough surfacing solution and rubber decking in Las Vegas, Nevada, making it the best surfacing option for your pool deck needs.

Features & Benefits
  • Helps prevent slip and fall injuries
  • Cooler under foot than concrete
  • Long useful life
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to repair
  • Resistant to chlorine and other pool chemicals
  • UV light stable
  • Flexible and moves with substrate
  • Customizable colors, patterns, borders, designs and logos
  • Comfortable to walk on barefoot
  • Tested for safety and durability