The area around your swimming pool is called a surround, deck, or decking. These are functional landscaping elements that add a usable space that provides drainage and covers the bare dirt. It creates a frame around the pool while providing a safe path around its edge.

While these used to be made of just concrete, there are now various options such as rubber decking in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As a provider of casino rubber decking in Nevada we often recommend our clients to consider the following factors when choosing deck materials other than just what’s most attractive:

  • A soft surfacing that should not be coarse, bumpy, or uneven
  • Must be safe and not become slippery when wet
  • Heat-reflective to keep the surface cooler for bare feet on hot days-Resistant to algae, chemicals, acid, mold, mildew, and frost
  • Blends well with other paved or hardscaped areas in the yard

We at Pool Surface Coatings specialize in our aqua flex premium pool deck surfacing. This is a soft, beautiful, and durable pool deck surfacing material that won’t show any cracks. It helps prevent slips and falls, is cooler underfoot than concrete, is easy to clean, and has a longer life span. Inquire today to learn more.

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