Choosing the proper surface coating for your pool deck is important. Having soft surfacing can prevent slips and falls, keep the surface cool enough for bare feet on sunny days, and protect the concrete from deterioration. However, there are also challenges in choosing the right material.

As a provider of casino rubber decking in Nevada our clients often have the following problems with their pool decks:

  • Chipping and peeling
    This happens within the first few years of coating installation especially if the surface was not prepared for the coating installation.
  • Not withstanding the high UV radiation
    UV rays not only damage our skin but also pool deck coatings if the materials used are not made to handle UV ray exposure.
  • Not withstanding the freeze-thaw cycle
    In areas where weather changes from warm to freezing and back again, concrete and concrete coating tend to move.
  • Not being slip-resistant
    Some decorative concrete finishes become very slippery when wet.
  • Trapping dirt and grime
    Pebble coatings are installed in a way that has holes that trap dirt and other particles. These are detrimental to the adhesion of the coating.

We at Pool Surface Coatings ensure that you don’t have to worry about these problems with our rubber decking in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Enjoy a soft surfacing that prevents slips and falls, is UV light stable, durable, flexible, and easy to clean through our rubber pool deck.

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