If you own a business in the hospitality industry, you may not think much about your pool deck. However, you may notice the quality of your rubber pool deck begins to show signs of wear after a few years. While the structure may seem fine, there may be cracks and similar cosmetic imperfections caused by years of use and the damage caused by the weather.

When this occurs, you may be considering hiring professional rubber decking in Las Vegas, Nevada. Likewise, are the advantages of pool deck coating for your business:

  • Lesser Maintenance and Cost
    Soft surfacing your pool cost significantly less than having it completely redone. This adds more savings to other areas in your business that can be further improved upon. More than that, it can also add more savings in the long run since it can help lower the costs of maintenance over the years.
  • Slip-Resistance
    Wet surfaces can quickly become slippery and increase the risk of falls, slips, and other accidents. To ensure your safety for your guests and staff, consider pool deck coating. This applies a textured surface that greatly reduces the chances of slipping and can be an added insurance if you have pets or children around.
  • Comfort and Versatility
    Pool deck coating is known to be easier on the feet. Unlike brick or concrete, it absorbs less heat and is more comfortable to walk on. It is also versatile and comes in various colors and patterns for easier customization.

Pool Surface Coatings is a business specializing in pool deck coating and casino rubber decking in Nevada. Through professional pool deck coating services, you can enjoy several benefits like slip resistance, lesser maintenance, and more. Call us to learn more about our services.

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