Building a pool is a significant endeavor not only because of the costs that come with building it but also due to the safety features that come with it such as fencing and annual maintenance.

That is why having a clear vision of how you want it to be done is crucial including the kind of pool surfacing material you need and whom to partner with.

Partner with us! We are a provider of pool surfacing and rubber decking in Las Vegas, Nevada at Pool Surface Coatings, with over a decade of experience in the field.

Here are among the advantages of partnering with us.

  • Exclusive installer partnership with AquaFlex®
    AquaFlex® is the industry standard for pool soft surfacing for the most advanced, UV stable, soft surfacing option for their pool decking, spray pads, and water parks or recreation areas so having an exclusive partnership for this solution is telling of our performance.
  • Experience
    We have been providing the Southern Nevada community rubber decking and soft surfacing options for over 10 years, serving both commercial and residential clients alike.
  • Local insights and unique understanding of the community
    We are a locally-owned and operated company so we understand the local market best.
  • Dedication to each project
    We genuinely enjoy the process of customizing our services to meet your specifications. May it be casino rubber decking in Nevada or rubber decking in your residential property, you can trust us to deliver.

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