More than the aesthetic appeal of having a pool in the backyard, taking a dip in a pool can help in beating the heat on a hot summer day, relieve stress after a tiring day, and provide extra enjoyment while spending more quality time with family. Having a residential pool also potentially contributes to the real estate value of a house. Even more so for commercial clients or those in the hospitality industry, a casino rubber decking in Nevada is a great way to attract more guests.

With the many benefits that swimming pools offer, it cannot be denied however that this fun water facility can still pose a threat to anyone. Where there is fun, there can also be a danger that is why rubber decking in Las Vegas, Nevada is necessary. Here are a few benefits of a rubber pool deck.

  • - Pool decks are prospects of slipping and falling from anyone who uses the swimming pool, especially to kids who love running around. With the slip-resistant feature of rubber decking, it serves as an ideal way to prevent the risks of falls and slips.
  • - The longevity of aqua flex products as used for surfacing options and rubber decking lasts for years, especially when maintained properly. It also is weather-resistant, thus can withstand extreme weather changes and other factors in a harsh environment.
  • - Rubber surfacing using aqua flex is aesthetically pleasing and decorative. It comes in many colors, patterns, borders, designs, and logos, allowing you to personalize the style as desired.

Here in Pool Surface Coatings, we guarantee a rubber surfacing experience like no other. Reach us at (702) 433-1362 for questions and inquiries regarding pool soft surfacing solutions and rubber decking.

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