Most pool owners don’t pay any mind to their pool deck coating, especially when they’re still new to owning one. But once they’ve had their pool for a couple of years, they may begin to notice that their deck has developed a couple of cracks and crevices. This makes the deck appear old and worn, and often unappealing.

Pool deck coating does exactly what it says, which is coat your old deck with a cement-like substance thick enough to fill in any minor cracks and dips, leaving your pool with a fresher, newer look.

If you notice any cracks on your deck’s surface, you may want to consider looking into pool deck resurfacing.

As a devoted provider of Rubber Decking in Las Vegas, Nevada, we at Pool Surface Coatings give you premium products such as aqua flex, to make your pool decks both aesthetic and long-lasting!

Reduce the number of slips and falls that occur by installing Soft Surfacing. This allows for better traction while providing a slip-resistant, soft, and impact absorbing surface.

For more details about our products and services, you may contact us here.

We also provide our clients with Casino Rubber Decking in Nevada.

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