An Easy Guide to Rubber Pool Decks @ 12 Jan 2021

If you own a pool, you probably have an idea what a pool deck is. It’s the space around the perimeter of your pool. Sometimes, it is also called pool patios.

Pool decks can be made using different materials, with concrete being a popular choice. However, recent years have seen the rise of using rubber as a material, thus, the name rubber pool deck.

These decks, unlike the concrete ones, are relatively safer and more comfortable because of soft surfacing. Also, it’s slip-resistant. Even if it gets wet, it retains its grip, thus significantly reducing slips and other poolside injuries. Furthermore, rubber pool decks are incredibly durable and low-maintenance.

One thing you have to know about rubber decks is that they’re a bit more expensive than your regular pool decks. On average, it costs around $16 per square foot.

The price for rubber decking in Las Vegas, Nevada, of course, varies depending on the design, complexity, shape, and size of your pool. So it’s better to talk to a reliable contractor for an estimate.

If you’re looking to upgrade your pool into something that stands out, contact us today.

Pool Surface Coatings provide high-quality and cost-effective pool rubber decking services. We also offer casino rubber decking in Nevada, hotel and resort resurfacing, and many others.

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