Advantages of Pool Rubber Decking @ 27 Sep 2021

At this time where the sun shines bright like it's calling us to go outdoors, spending time by the pool is one of the go-to places to cool off while enjoying the season. But with the burning heat affecting the deck alongside the pool, it is important to consider installing a rubber decking in Las Vegas, Nevada for everyone's safety.

Rubber decking that utilizes AquaFlex® products offers characteristics of unique flexibility. It is a soft, thermoplastic aliphatic urethane-based product that allows it to expand and contract along with the sub-surface. It is durable with a shock-absorbing surface that lessens the risk of somebody getting injured. Moreover, its resistance to UV rays, wear and tear, and moisture damage is built to withstand weather changes, even the freeze and thaw cycle.

Additionally, harsh pool chemicals are a recipe for distress on the surrounding pool deck. It can potentially ruin the entire decking, making the surface start to chip and flake and face other damaged pool deck dilemmas such as cracks and holes. With that, Pool Surface Coatings has ensured that soft surfacing solution and rubber decking are resistant to chlorine and other pool chemicals.

While these are all the advantages, it is important to take note that proper installation of a casino rubber decking in Nevada requires hiring a professional to achieve high-quality control and safety. It is also a way to maximize the quality of aqua flex products used by reducing the possibility of errors and avoid costing another fortune for repairs.

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