AquaFlex Vs Rubber

While many products on the market are available for pool decks, most are afterthoughts.  AquaFlex is the only product engineered for Pool Deck use.  While some companies offer playground rubber as a cheap option, the science between these products proves that AquaFlex is the premier long-term solution to soft surfacing on pool decks.


  • NEngineered for Pool Decks
  • NVirgin Product
  • NZero Smell
  • NStays Soft
  • NNo resealing
  • NBinder doesn't change color
  • NNo resealing
  • NTightly bound
  • NDoesn't Fade
  • NSmooth and lush appearance
  • NRepairs are seamless
  • NDoesn't Shrink
  • NThink - Plastic Bottle

Rubber (EPDM/TPV)

  • MEngineered for Playgrounds
  • MUsually made from recycled tires
  • MGives off a rubber smell when heated
  • MBecomes Brittle over time
  • MGlue burns off and needs to be re-applied
  • MEPDM binders change color over time
  • MNeeds resealing but can chalk and then turn white
  • MLoose bound, allowing for dirt, mold, and mildew to grow
  • MColor lightens out over time
  • MGrainy "playground" appearance
  • MRepairs stand out due to fading of EPDM colors
  • MRubber shrinks when it dries out and pulls from edges
  • MThink - Rubber band