Commercial Properties

Commercial properties face a multitude of challenges when dealing with their pool decks. Many resorts have the problems of pool deck cracking, customer slip and falls around the pool decks, hot temperatures underfoot, constant painting and resealing of their decks, which significantly affects company annual costs and causes an overall lack of comfort and safety for their guests.

AquaFlex is the only product created for pool deck resurfacing. Our product manages these challenges better than any other product on the market. Our main priority is to provide a safe and comfortable surface so clients can enjoy a pleasant experience while also providing a safe workplace for employers and their employees. With AquaFlex’s® useful, long life and easy maintenance, it provides the ultimate ROI in comparison to other, more rigid and crack-prone decking systems.

Pool Surface Coatings – AquaFlex® surfacing combines the benefits of design, technology, and safety into a revolutionary, high-performance breakthrough surfacing solution, making it the best surfacing option for your pool deck needs.

Case Study

Overcoming Inferior Pool Deck Surfaces

One of our commercial clients, owner of one of the largest resorts in Las Vegas, needed a great solution for their pool deck and surrounding area. Their main challenge was to maintain these areas. Most often, hotel pools have never-ending pedestrian traffic…



AquaFlex is available in 18 solid colors that, when blended, can enhance the deck with colors not typically found with standard decking materials.

The STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod

Four Seasons – Las Vegas

Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa


Get Inspired

We customize our designs to ensure a uniform brand identity across our partners’ portfolio, while at the same time improving safety and customer satisfaction.


The Critical Role of Pool Surfacing

Swimming is a social activity. Guests, family members and friends can gather around a pool deck to relax, play, socialize or enjoy the sunshine. These areas are also hot spots for a list of health and safety risks…..

We can do amazing things on the following surfaces:

  • Cement
  • Asphalt
  • Kool-Decking
  • Painted Surfaces
  • Stamped concrete

AquaFlex Testing Results Available: