Overcoming Inferior Pool Deck Surfaces

THE CHALLENGE: Maintenance

One of our commercial clients, owner of one of the largest resorts in Las Vegas, needed a great solution for their pool deck and surrounding area. Their main challenge was to maintain these areas. Most often, hotel pools have never-ending pedestrian traffic. As well, since they are outdoor structures, they have dirt, dust, and food particle build-up. All these factors require constant care, cleaning, and periodical maintenance to have those pool areas in optimum conditions.


At Pool Surface Coatings we fully understand these kinds of challenges since it is not the first time we find customers with the same issues. Fortunately, once the AquaFlex product is installed, it doesn’t require any after-installation maintenance because the product chemically fuses together, creating a long-lasting surface, which is also very easy to clean because it is not a porous surface which collects dirt. Our client was not only satisfied with our solution to his problem, but also loved the new look of the swimming pool, which perfectly coordinated with their brand’s colors.