Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same product used at parks?

While AquaFlex is a soft surface, most parks utilize a product called EPDM, a rubber made from recycled tires; EPDM, over time, will fade, dry out, crack and absorb stains.  All of which the AquaFlex will not.

Is it soft to walk on?

AquaFlex Flex is a soft surface to walk on and has impact absorption properties to help limit injury. 

Is it slip-resistant?

Yes, AquaFlex is slip resistant and is also certified by the CSPC and ADA as a safety surface.

Is it durable?

AquaFlex is ideal in heavily traveled areas such as entryways, walkways, pool decks, sidewalks, steps and will hold up without losing any of its strength.

What colors are available?

AquaFlex is available in 18 solid colors that are custom blended to create new and exciting color blends for commercial clients and nine beautiful base blends with border options for residential clients.

Does it trap dirt?

No, the porous nature of the AquaFlex, as well as the tight-knit bonding, allow you to hose out dirt and sand.   You can even use a power washer on it up to 2000 psi. 

Will it fade?

No, AquaFlex is 100% UV protected, which means it will not fade over time, unlike other rubberized or artificial surfaces.  Pebble Flex has been laboratory tested (Xenon Weather meter Exposure ASTM G155 Test) without fading or degradation.  

What about water stains?

While your AquaFlex surface is not affected by water overspray, water will not damage the surface.  AquaFlex was developed for pool decks and recirculating water parks.  If you have hard water, mineral build-up that may appear can be removed following our cleaning instructions. 

Is it hot?

AquaFlex is one of the most amazing soft surfaces available on the market and is even more remarkable than the sprayed-on textures because it doesn’t conduct heat.  It reacts to the temperature of your foot, not the ambient temperature of the air.

Is it easy to repair?

Repairs can be made and are virtually seamless due to the round formation of the pebbles. 

Is it animal friendly?

Yes, because of its durable surface, animals will not damage the surface, and it can be cleaned using a powerful hose spray, along with an oxy-based household cleaner, including bleach. 

Does AquaFlex require any upkeep?

 No, AquaFlex requires no after-installation maintenance.  It doesn’t crack, fade or peel up.

How do you clean AquaFlex?

AquaFlex can be sanitized using a hose along with oxy-based cleaners 

What is the Warranty?

We provide a standard warranty on our installations for 3 years; however, the life expectancy for AquaFlex far exceeds the warranty time period. Due to the product not needing any ongoing maintenance, you can enjoy your deck for years to come.

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